Welcome to AMPR Web Solutions. It’s called AMPR Web Solutions because that’s the initials for Andres Mariano Partridge-Rios, the server, code and services provisioning side of the Solutions (A.K.A. Back End), and Allyson Mary Partridge-Rios the “Look and Feel”, Marketing and Online Advertising side of the equation (A.K.A. Front-End).

Andres or Andy as he is known amongst friends and family, can help out with:

  • Hosting
  • Website Design (PHP, HTML, CSS)
  • Any Popular CMS and/or Frameworks
  • WordPress/Joomla/Laravel/Symphony/Composer etc.

Allyson can help you with the website that we built for you, or your own pre-existing website with all kinds of Website Marketing ideas.

  • Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Reddit Marketing (E.G. Reviews on relevant sub-Reddit)
  • YouTube Video Marketing (Including 3D Animations and Voice Over Work)