Creating a website is like writing a book. Except it’s more like creating a pamphlet. Or actually it is more in line with an audio/video experience like a TV advertisement.

Is confusion beginning to set in?

AMPR Web Solutions can take away all the confusion and make building your website a beautiful things! We can share, with you, our vision for a Web with no limits.

  • Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design

The main part of any web solution. Your main site, and the look and feel, plus any additional features you might want to see.

We love building web sites and even web ‘apps’ for people to get their online presence to help with services, products, and even digital content.

Let us sit down and work with you to get your specifications written out and make a plan of action with you and decide on budget and timelines.

We can work with any existing site under any Content Management System (CMS), and we can ‘beam’ you over to WordPress, the most common ‘CMS’ currently in use on the ‘Internet’.

Why not tell us what you are thinking, and we can follow up with some suggestions in an e-mail, or give you a phone call?