It’s been a while…

Hello! I need to apologize for the delay in new blog posts. It seems like every time you think to yourself, I just need to set aside a few minutes on the weekday to write something up, then life throws you a curve ball. Anyway, I go no excuses really. I have been trooping on with all things web development. Very slick where WordPress is taking the Blog/CMS/Everything website game. The problem I guess is the “So many plugins” side of the coin, and the great thing is the “So many plugins” so you can add whatever funky extra functionality onto your website that you need with the right WordPress plugin.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing against WordPress, and people know about it and are comfortable with it, and once you get handy with how your hosting works, etc. I have been throwing up and taking down WordPress sites almost as fast as hats go on and off in the classic “Extreme putting on of hats” I.E. “Team Fortress” with the hats mods.

I’m currently running this edit from and old Intel Mac (from back in the day) with no updates to MAC OSX current version, so I swapped it out with Zorin OS base install. Very cool minimal ubuntu + Gnome that is easy to use and pretty painless to install software on, since it supports snaps, just like current Ubuntu LTS versions.

Enjoying life, working at a Pizza Joint in downtown Toronto 2 days the week. Working with Ray and “Watts ‘n’ Water” another 2 days of the week, and I have 3 days for myself. (1 Monday’s off right now, and usually Wednesday and Thursday off, but this week is gonna be fun with working for Ray tomorrow, and a Halter Appointment for Allyson on Thursday, then work at Conspiracy PIzza (The Pizza Joint) Friday and Saturday.

So that’s the rest of this week laid out. Going to try to outline different web ideas and things here as well.

Step one is I think this is the year to switch to a VPS on host papa hosting services with no CPanel. Can’t imagine the transition to a VPS server will be that difficult.

Wish me luck. WIll update blog posts about how the transition goes with my hosting plan.


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