MAMP PRO – Web Development on your own local server

MAMP PRO is a fun little ‘paid’ addition to a piece of “Open Source” software that can give you a local Apache, MySQL, PHP server running on MAC OSX. It’s one of the main tools that we at AMPR Web Solutions use to help us craft our web content and prefect the look and feel before we push it online. If you are running the same versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP that are on your live (usually Linux) web-servers, then you will get a lot less surprises when you commit to putting things online. Just like in software development in website development a little bit of extra testing never hurts before you site goes live. MAMP PRO is a great tool for this if you are working on a Macintosh.

Stay tuned, and I will mentions some other cool tricks you can accomplish with MAMP, and later on we will mention WAMP, and XAMPP.


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